Whether you are taking your first steps into mobile or you need to improve your existing app, I can help.


I am a mobile app development consultant who works with companies in Brighton and around the world to build and improve their mobile presence. I create apps which users love and which help businesses reach and engage with their best customers. I specialise in helping companies with their mobile strategy and Android & iOS development. The apps I create are native apps, which means they are purpose built for the user's phone, making it feel delightful and right at home.


Work with me

I work with a range of different companies, from those who realise they need to "Go Mobile" through to those who's current mobile presence is underperforming and needs improvement. Take a look at the packages offered and contact me to begin making your mobile presence work for you.

Go mobile

Does your company lack a mobile presence? Maybe you have a basic mobile website but your users find it frustrating to use? Are your competitors getting ahead of you through their mobile apps?

Not having a well made and easy to use mobile app is no longer an option for many companies — users expect one and they expect it to deliver them value. This is where I can help.

Improve your app

Do you already have a mobile presence, but it's not performing as well as it could? Maybe you are seeing poor user retention or engagement? Maybe your users are unhappy and are leaving bad reviews?

Just having a mobile presence is not enough — it must provide value to your users to deliver a return on your investment. If your app is underperforming, I can help you.


Why me?

Many developers could build you an app, however, I will work hard to ensure I build you the right app. From the very start of the process, I will ensure I understand your business goals and the needs of your users. I can then use my experience with both the Android & iOS platforms to build and improve your mobile apps in a way which will delight your users and provide you a great return on your investment. All through the process I will work with three goals in mind: achieving your business goals, fulfilling your user's needs, and crafting a solid app which can be improved and built upon in the future.


Business goals

A great app is useless if it does not provide value to your company. Throughout working with you, I will ensure I learn about your business goals and work hard to ensure that your mobile app is supporting them.

User needs

I build apps with a clear goal to ensure that users will love to them. This is great for your customers and you as they will be happier, more passionate about your app, and want to keep coming back to use it.


Things change fast in business — this is especially true with mobile. To deal with change quickly and effectively you need to have a solid foundation. I pride myself on crafting solid apps which can be improved quickly & effectively.



Filmstro iPhone

When I started working with Filmstro they had an existing professional product on Windows and MacOS. In October 2016 I helped them to bring their dynamic soundtrack creation studio to iPhone. Their new iPhone app allows users to pick a video from their phone and add a soundtrack to it. However, the soundtracks are not just static pieces of music but can be altered throughout the video to fit the mood. Once a video is recorded it can be shared on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The app features many pieces of music from the professional Filmstro application. Some of the music is free and others are available as in-app purchases.


Playbook by Google Play


Playbook by Google Play launched as an open beta at Google I/O 2016. With the new app, Google wanted to make it easier for developers to find the information they need to create great apps and games and grow their businesses. At its core, the Playbook is a tailored list of the latest articles and videos from Google experts to help developers grow a successful business on Google Play. I worked on this project while at ribot. As well as Android & server development, I had the role of project manager. I liaised weekly with Google  throughout the project to ensure it was on track and we were meeting our goals.

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“Matt did a fantastic job managing the Playbook project – he was responsive, communicative, and helpful throughout. He approached the project and any challenges with enthusiasm, actively seeking out solutions that worked for everyone and tied back to the goals of the project.”

— Dom Elliott, Head of Global Developer MarComms, Google Play




M.Gemi partners with Italy’s most sought after specialty factories to unveil stunning handcrafted shoes every single Monday. They are reinventing the luxury shoe category by helping the shoe-obsessed slip their feet into stylish high quality shoes at historically impossible prices. I worked on this native iOS app while at ribot and the app launched in the App Store on 25th March 2015. The app is highly regarded by iOS users with an overall 5 star rating and is the highest converting sales channel for M.Gemi.

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Easyfundraising have been helping customers raise money for good causes since 2007. For each online purchase a customer makes, a percentage of the spend is donated to a cause of their choice. I worked on this native iOS app at ribot and, since launching in October 2014, the numbers have been great. As of January 2016, there has been £17m spent through the app which means £600k of donations raised!

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