Whether you are taking your first steps into mobile or you need to improve your existing app, I can help.

I am a freelance React Native developer and mobile app development consultant who works with companies in Brighton, London, and around the world to build and improve their mobile presence on both Android & iOS using React Native, Expo, or Native Development. I create apps which users love and which help businesses reach and engage with their best customers. I create solid and well developed mobile apps which can be built upon and improved in the future to achieve your business goals and fulfill your user's needs.

How I can help

I work with a range of companies, from those who realise they need to "Go Mobile" through to those whose current mobile presence is under-performing and needs improvement.

Go mobile

Not having a well made and easy to use mobile app is no longer an option for many companies. Users expect one and they expect it to deliver them value. This is where I can help.

Improve your app

Just having a mobile presence is not enough — it must provide value to your users to deliver a return on your investment. If your app is under-performing, I can help you.

Upgrade React Native

If you have an app stuck on a old version of React Native you will be missing out on critical bug fixes, performance improvements, and features. I can upgrade your app for you.

Custom React Native Module

Sometimes you need some custom native code to add additional functionality to your React Native app. I can build any custom native module that you need so you can focus on the rest of your app.

Why me?

Many developers could build you an app, however, I will work hard to ensure I build you the perfect app. From the very start of the process, I will ensure I understand your business goals and the needs of your users. I can then use my experience with both the Android & iOS platforms to build and improve your mobile apps in a way which will delight your users and provide you a great return on your investment. All through the process I will work with three goals in mind: achieving your business goals, fulfilling your user's needs, and crafting a solid app which can be improved and built upon in the future.

Matt Oakes

Business goals

A great app is useless if it does not provide value to your company. Throughout working with you, I will ensure I learn about your business goals and work hard to ensure that your mobile app is supporting them.

User needs

I build apps with a clear goal to ensure that users will love to them. This is great for your customers and you as they will be happier, more passionate about your app, and want to keep coming back to use it.


Things change fast in business — this is especially true with mobile. To deal with change quickly and effectively you need to have a solid foundation. I pride myself on crafting solid apps which can be improved quickly & effectively.

My latest work

Rnwl mobile screenshots

Rnwl for iOS & Android

Rnwl gives users everything they need to manage their insurance right at their fingertips when they need it. The app is built for both iOS and Android using React Native with Expo.

Best Coffee Guide mobile screenshots

Best Coffee for iOS & Android

Best Coffee is a guide to the best coffee around you. All the shops are reviewed by expert editors and filtered to your preferences. The app is built for both iOS and Android using React Native.

Pose.Party screenshots


A fun game for virtual events and groups of friends. This is a web app created using React and Firebase to allow players to play from anywhere without any downloading or complicated setup.

Medibuddy mobile screenshots

Medibuddy for iOS & Android

Medibuddy is a medical education service which helps junior doctors apply for their training posts using professionally written question banks. The app is built for both iOS and Android using React Native.

Qubist mobile screenshots

Qubist for iOS & Android

Qubist is the UKs #1 advocate marketing solution. Using a single React Native codebase, I created an app which worked across platforms and could be whitelabeled for many brands.

refsix Apple Watch screenshots

REFSIX for Apple Watch

REFSIX approached me to build the Apple Watch app to help referees reach the next level. The smartwatch app is built natively with Swift and allows referees to log match incidents easily during games.

Filmstro iPhone screenshots

Filmstro for iPhone

Working directly with the brilliant Brighton based team at Filmstro, I created an iPhone app to adds dynamic soundtracks to peoples video moments, creating the soundtrack to their life.