Best Coffee Guide

The team at Paced Group approached me in 2017 to rebuild app app they had purchased from another company. The existing app was focused just on London's best café's, but they wanted to expand the coverage to multiple cities and to update and improve the design.

As the app needed to work on both iOS and Android, we decided that using React Native was the best choice. This allowed us to combine the two existing apps in a single codebase, which made development much quicker and reduced the amount of work that was needed to add new features.

Best Coffee Guide mobile screenshots

The first version of the rebuild app was developed and in two months alongside another developer (Tom Parslow) and designed by Olly Thomas. The launch was successful with existing users upgrading and new users being brought onboard with the increased range of cities covered.

I have continued to work on the Best Coffee app to this day, performing multiple React Native Upgrades to keep the app working with the latest versions of iOS and Android. I have also continued to add new features to the app such as user ratings and reviews which now sit alongside the curated reviews.

Download Best Coffee from the App Store

Download Best Coffee from the App Store

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