Qubist for iPhone & Android

Qubist is the UK's number one influencer & advocate marketing solution. Based in Brighton, they contacted me to bring their existing web application experience to Android & iPhone.

Qubist works by allowing brands to invite their employees or customers into their white labelled portal and turn them into the brand's vocal influencers by sharing content directly with their social media network.

React Native

The app needed to work across the Android & iPhone platforms and be easily white labelled for each brand. To support this, I built the app using React Native, allowing the app to have a single codebase with over 95% of the code shared between iOS and Android, while still feeling like a real native application.

App Store Listing Management

Each brand's application needs to be listed separately in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which would be a time-consuming job with only a dozen brands if done manually. To alleviate this strain, I set up the project to use Fastlane, which allowed me to write an easy to use program which automatically manages the app store listings.


Another advantage of using React Native is that it is very easily testable. The completed app has over 500 tests and 78.1% unit test coverage, with the remaining being the "glue" code which Flow types can verify. Producing an app with good automated testing allows us to make changes to the app with confidence in the future and ensure that there is nothing broken before release.

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