Custom React Native Module

React Native and Expo are powerful frameworks that allow you to do most things out of the box. Sometimes you will need to use a library to provide some additional functionality or provide access to an API.

If there is no open source library that provides the feature or wraps the SDK that you need, then I can create it for you.

Custom libraries to provide access to device functionality

The React Native and Expo frameworks provides access to some of the device functionality, but for most things you will need to use a library. For common cases such as push notifications or geolocation, there is likely to be an open source library that you can use. However, if one doesn't exists, or it doesn't meet your needs then I can create a custom native module for you.

Custom libraries to frame an SDK

If a service provides a mobile SDK for Android and iOS, then you will need some wrapper code to use it within React Native or Expo. Some common SDKs such as Firebase have open source modules to do this, however, if you need to use an SDK that does not then I can write a custom native module for you.

Custom config plugin for Expo

Expo apps added support for custom native modules using the config plugin system. This allows you to include most React Native libraries and modules in your app to supplement the features that the Expo framework provides. Some work out-of-the-box and some have built-in support of an open source config plugin. If there is a library that you need to support, then I can write a custom config plugin to allow you to use it within your Expo app.

Need a custom React Native module?