Go mobile

Does your company lack a mobile presence? Maybe you have a basic mobile website but your users find it frustrating to use? Are your competitors getting ahead of you through their mobile apps?

Not having a well made and easy to use mobile app is no longer an option for many companies — users expect one and they expect it to deliver them value. This is where I can help.

Forming your mobile strategy

I will start off by getting to know your company and your goals for the project. I do this because no two companies are exactly the same and there are many factors to consider when deciding which mobile platforms to focus on (or if a mobile app is even the best way to go). After gathering this research, I then use my knowledge and experience to plan and deliver your personalised mobile strategy.

This provides a solid foundation to ensure that together we are going to be building something which benefits both your users and your company.


Once we have worked together on the overall strategy, we can begin executing it. To ensure that we are always building something of value, I will focus on the most impactful and important parts first. Together we will identify your most passionate and engaged customers and aim to get the app into their hands as early as possible. From this, we can gain valuable feedback and ensure we are always creating something valuable for your users and giving you a great return on your investment into your mobile presence.

Ready to go mobile?